Rehearsal space available at
Leaping Lizards Performing Arts Studio!

Need rehearsal space? We've got it!

Leaping Lizards Performing Arts Studio is a beautiful studio that features:

-3 large studio rooms
-2 rooms with peachwood floors/1 room with multi-use Marley floors
-ample mirrors in every room
-up to date sound systems
-common areas including a lounge with fridge and   
-central location near highway 44


-Saturday afternoons
-Sundays day/night
-Monday day/night
-Friday day/nights after 7pm
-all week days

Cost: $30 / hour per studio room & $100 one-time refundable deposit
-Rooms not available for those wanting to teach classes that are already offered by Leaping Lizards.

Call Patti or Robin 314-645-6463 to inquire.