The studio will be closed for the following holidays...


Summer Break I: The studio will be closed Sunday, May 30th - June 29th. 
Summer classes will resume on Wed., June 30th. 

Summer Break II: The studio will be closed Sunday, Aug.15th - Monday, Sept. 6th. 
Fall classes will resume on Tuesday, Sept. 7th. 

We will be in office checking messages during all all breaks.

NOTE: Studio will be open on all other holidays including St. Patrick's Day, weekend after Thanksgiving, Holy Thursday & Easter Saturday.  All fees are based on a 4 week month.  
Since some months have 5 weeks, these months are considered to make up for the months with three weeks, snow days, and holidays.  
Calendar holidays, snow days, and missed classes WILL NOT be pro-rated. 
However, registered students with current payment may take other classes to makeup for the missed class.

*Please call the studio to register during breaks. Though we will not always be at the studio during breakswe will be checking our messages and will get in touch with you!

Studio Business Hours

January - May 2021

Tuesdays  5pm - 8:30pm

Wednesdays  5pm - 8pm

Thursdays  5pm - 8:30pm

Saturdays  8:30am - 1pm

Summer 2021

Wednesdays  4pm - 8pm

Saturdays  8:30am - 1pm

Inclement Weather 

Please check the home page on this site for studio closings due to inclement weather.  

Leaping Lizards will also post under "School Closings" on the Channel 4 website and on KSDK Channel 5.

The studio will also email you regarding closures. Please sign up to receive emails on our homepage.