Tap and Percussion: A Family Reunion

A workshop for the tap dance enthusiast to provide a basis of percussion concepts and apply these concepts to the Tap environment.  Rhythm, style and form will be used to create an enhanced musical knowledge and amplify artistic experience. Perfect for the beginner - advanced student. Ages 10 - adult welcome!

    • Notation/Rhythm

    • Time Signatures

    • Tempo

    • Accents

Style and Form
    • 12 bar Blues – Statement, Repetition, Resolution

    • 32 bar AABA – Statement, Repetition, Contrast, Return

    • Tap Application: What we do to the right, do to the left, then break

Drum Set = Tap Sounds

Instructors: Benjamin Haefner & Brandon Haefner

Wednesday, March 13th

COST: $15 per participant

Call: 314-645-6463 to register

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