Show Description: Caitlin is an 11-year-old on the autism spectrum. Not all things make sense to her. Emotions are mysterious and voices are almost always too loud. Suddenly, she must grapple with the unthinkable. A mass shooting has taken her brother away. He was the one person who helped her cope. Now she is alone with her grieving father and a cacophony of children at school. She struggles with empathy, what facial expressions mean and why a drawing might have more than one color. We see the world from Caitlin’s point of view.  We struggle as she does. We take comfort in the times when she finds a friend, draws a multicolored mockingbird, and can finally cry for her brother. 


Director: Michael Curdt 

Assistant Director: Robin Michelle Berger 

Stage Manager: Gianna Curdt 

Production Advisors: Lucy Kelley

Costumes: Simon Desilets 

© Copyright Leaping Lizards Performing Arts Studio