Leaping Lizards offers classes for ages 4 - Adult for beginner through advanced levels of ability.

Ages 4 - Adult

Age 4 & 5  Preschool Dance   Ballet/Tap

Age 5 - 7 Dancing Doodlebugs   Ballet/Tap

Age 7 - 10 Combination Dance: Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Hip Hop 

Age 10 -13 Combination Dance: Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Hip Hop, Ballet,Tap, Jazz

Teens (age13+) Combination Dance: Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Ballet, Tap, Jazz,Pointe, Musical Theatre Dance (15+)

Adults (18+) Ballet, Tap, Musical Theatre Dance, Burlesque


Ballet is the foundation for dance technique and develops grace, alignment, and flexibility.  Students will study the movements, techniques and vocabulary of ballet.   A wonderful class for the serious dancer and/or those students seeking strength and balance.


Jazz dance grew from influences of other dance styles such as  ballet, hip hop, and contemporary.  As in most forms of dance, technique is the foundation for all modern jazz dance movement.  Students will focus  on jazz  techniques as well as more contemporary movements. All classes explore a variety of jazz dance and music styles. 


 Tap is a wonderful indigenous American art-form in which the dancer uses the body and feet to create rhythms.  Tap history, steps, rhythm patterns, musicality, combinations and techniques will be explored.       Jazz and other music will also be used and discussed in class.


Burlesque is a form of theatrical entertainment that combines dance, comedy, and satirical elements. it originated in the 19th century and remains a popular art form today.

It's about the art of the tease!


Leaping Lizards offers workshops in Dance, Acting, and Musical Theatre for all ages.

Past workshops include: Sexy Chair Dance, Pom Pon, Musical Theatre, Audition Training, Improvisation, Tap choruses, and High School dance team training.             

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